I introduce myself as not a single voice, but a voice of many. It comes from a spirit who is tired of staying silent while watching others suffer, who cries for the weak forced to live their life in despair, and who gets angry at the injustices of power and greed in this world.

It must stop.

The only way it can is if our combined voices are louder than the bellows of power and loathing. Today I join the likes of Pope Francis, Malala and every man, woman, girl and boy who speaks out and defends love and compassion in every possible way… let us be united in our efforts.

Join us in finding ways to Hate Less and Love More.

Let me go back… to a very young age, when I became aware of basic decency… when I vigilantly witnessed the prejudices of people, especially minorities and women.  I never understood why people harassed and abused others so much, so I did what I could to stand up for those being ridiculed or abused.

Now that I am an adult, my awareness has deepened, and I still continue to watch the hatred in the world, although it has intensified and escalated in magnitude. Well, I’m done with watching. No more talking. Now it is the time for me – for us – to step up our efforts, be a strong counter to hatred, and make a real difference through our actions.

Through our efforts, let’s strive for more understanding, deeper compassion, and an expansive unity between a diverse and wide people from around the world. In an era where people have become more disconnected through technology, let’s use it to our advantage by creating a robust vehicle to bring us back together.

A key feature of this blog is my vigilance to guard the sanctity of contributions by protecting this community from contentious folks who seek to degrade and slander our efforts. My priority is to maintain a safe haven where creativity thrives and an infectiously, supportive colony is cultivated. Therefore, I will remove any blatantly malicious input, and quietly pull them aside to see how their participation can be more productive. So please come in and leave all derogatory comments at the door.

So what do you say? Let’s bring tolerance and compassion back.

It is your choice – you can manifest solidarity instead of becoming the divide, you can be the light instead of the dark, you can wade against the sea of followers to become a leader who stands up against injustice.

Now is the time. This is our movement to end HATE in every form – once and for all.

Let’s start here… with us.