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When it comes to difficult topics, we find many people retreat because they do not understand, they are in denial, or it is just too heavy of a subject to get involved in.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Let’s make the discussion educational, inspiring, thought-provoking, and collaborative. By integrating various forms of creativity, together we can create a place where a spectrum of mediums are welcomed as a unique means to safely discuss each side of the issue and conjure healthy conversations about people’s differing viewpoints, all in an effort to build a platform which uncovers, changes and combats the intolerance in our world.

This Interactive Community forum is aimed to bring your individual voices together with the central purpose of creating an introspective and progressive marketplace where you can shine a spotlight on your ideas and work, as well as actively collaborate on each other’s visions – anything that inspires contemplation and cultivates meaningful progress around the theme of ‘finding ways to hate less and love more’.

I invite you to support each other’s initiatives and efforts, create new ones together, and share your socially conscious stories and creations about racial injustice and hate – from artwork, film & TV projects, music, new non-profits, tech start-ups, photography, videos, legislature reform, education, and publishing, as well as supporting movements already in motion.  The goal is to make the conversation surrounding hate more palatable, and not so uncomfortable, by making the topic open, inclusive, entertaining, and interactive.

This board is about our joint vision, our unique voice, and our emotions of frustration, anger, curiosity, sadness and triumph, presented in any format of your choice, as an expression of you.  Together, let’s create a living, morphing college of people’s lives, ideas, and talents chronicled within a digital scrapbook that can be observed and built upon for years to come.

Please feel free to share your ideas below with the group or reach out to me directly at to post featured blogs, media, etc.  Let this be the global HQ of a sophisticated, grassroots movement where we come together and put the best ideas to the test, create a plan then jump into action.

We are more powerful when we are One – there are no limits to what we can accomplish when forces unite. We have a lot of work to do, so let’s get started…


 It is the intention of this site is to create more love and less hate, so in order to protect the sanctity of this forum, I ask you to respect my judgment-free zone where everyone can safely share without worry of criticism.  I welcome all productive and positive contributions to this open forum, in any way you wish to accomplish this.  

If you have grievances with me or anyone of this board, please feel free to contact me directly to further discuss your concerns or disagreement.  Thank you.


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