My Mission Statement: To find ways to hate less and love more.

It is my mission to make a global impact by focusing on two main components: guiding people to confront their hate while being an inspiration to discover more ways to love.

Within these two facets, it is my goal to delve into the psychology of hate and analyze what circumstances, emotions, and events play into the negative actions people take, and also as a means to present people with ways to find more love within themselves, as well as for others. To accomplish this, I aim to create thought-provoking posts while assembling a burgeoning community whose unified agenda is to make an active stand to eradicate intolerances, while also working to educate people on the reasons why one harbors a spectrum of discriminatory emotions – everything from slight prejudice to extreme hatred.

I see the issue of hate as part of a large, encompassing problem, to which I would like to target and neutralize.  Unfortunately it has seeped into an insurmountable percentage of our world – whether it is prejudice against race, religion, LGBT, immigrants, homelessness, gender or disabilities, all of these people have the same adversity beleaguered upon them.  With this in mind, whether on one side of the spectrum (the antagonist) or the other (the recipient), this emotion affects every single person in the world.  Because of this, the disintegration of hate deserves to be in the pinnacle spotlight of a world stage.

One of the best ways to dissolve the pervasive hate in our society is by garnering the involvement of as many people as possible- from all walks of life, and by integrating all of our efforts on a scale so massive that the only possible outcome has to be a tremendous, global impact.

But there is no way one voice can accomplish this alone…. so please,  join me.

Do it for the hardened souls who need a guide in pivoting their thinking from what has become ingrained. Do it for our children… reach them before their thoughts become crystallized as ‘truth’, then let’s educate them on the beauty of non-discrimination.  Do it for yourself, and do it for me – let us help each other become better people while we wage peace on our own souls.

I see our joint efforts as a personal journey for each person, as well as for myself, where a one-size-fits-all approach will not suffice. We cannot stereotype how people will respond to our combined efforts any more than society’s labels hold true to each individual person, and therefore it would be impossible it predict how one course will affect us, as well as our listeners, or not.

Due to this, let’s strive to research, decipher, and create a universal theme slanted in an entertaining and palatable way. The fabric of our message will be evidently spun within the thread that binds all of our efforts, for it is the road map that keeps our quest on course. But I also believe if we are to reach the broadest possible audience, we need to appeal to people in a way that indulges their senses and piques their interests.

Through this grassroots effort, my objective is to reach millions of people, then, in a non-obtrusive way, turn the mirror upon themselves. Everyone has intolerances and prejudices – it is not just the extremists in the world. We can each look at ourselves and find ways to become a better person… it is a journey I have already begun.  I am motivated to become that catalyst of reflection and impetus of change, as I strive everyday to ‘be the change I want to see in the world’.  It is work and I make mistakes, but I refuse to give up trying to improve myself… I hope you don’t either.

Ultimately, the work we create is a living, breathing entity whose success lies in its flexibility, its innovation, and the magnitude of its diversity and participation.  If we can find solutions to combat hate around the globe, we can make impactful progress on creating a happier and better world for everyone, including ourselves.  Remember we can only love others as much as we love ourselves and not any more… so I ask you to do two things: start with yourself and please… join me.