Hope, not Heil

Maybe you guys can explain something to me. If someone, let’s say this lady…

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… goes to a rally as a quiet bystander in a show of peace.  Pretty soon, her presence alone ends up causing a crowd full of Trump loyalists to see her actions as ‘spreading hate’ and they react with venom.  Let’s break this down… a lovely lady in her culture’s garb, the only words spoken are words of peace on her tee-shirt, but yet it provokes such intense loathing that she ends up getting kicked out of the building in amongst vilely spewed harassment.  What am I missing here?  Can we all not agree this is extreme behavior?

Which leads me to- I need to have a word with you, Trump.  You have a great responsibility in your current role.  You have a tremendous opportunity to be a positive catalyst for change and a laudable role model for all those who look up to you.  But you have decided to pursue a different path and become the pied piper of lost souls looking for another way.

What is most disturbing is you have chosen to use your stage to show people it is acceptable to disregard their verbal filter, the one that keeps their negative judgments in check and unspoken- and that is just not ok.  By your example, you show your followers it is fine to freely speak their mind without any regard to how their words can pierce like bullets.  Do you realize the pain daggers can cause when they are thrown at an undeserving victim and it lacerates their spirit?  You have assaulted almost every type of person: from immigrants to women to LGTB, and everyone in between- even breastfeeding moms for pete’s sake! Seriously?!  Do you not feel any remorse?  Ultimately, when looking at your behavior and those like you, we are witness to the lack of our most basic of behaviors – good manners, respect for others, and an outward compassion that overrides whatever discriminatory thought pervades one’s mind.

Last time such a skewed force happened in the world, a German country was shouting ‘Heil!’  And we all know that ended terribly. And don’t just listen to me; take it from Alexandra Sims in her comparisons between Trump and Hitler.  People, I plead with you – learn from history!  Don’t fall prey to the enticement of another man’s power, which was amassed by the people he walked on to reach his tower.

You want to run the greatest country on earth, yet you continue to alienate every American citizen who does not fit your biased, conservative agenda.  And in case you were confused, I believe the object of the politician game is to try to GET votes, not whack voters down dodgeball-style.  But I regress…

Back to the people at the Trump forum, I need to ask – what does your reaction say about you? Are you really so terrified that this Muslim woman is… what?  Going to smack you with her purse, smother you with her hijab, or worse … detonate a bomb?  She already said (via her shirt) that she wasn’t going to hurt you.

So then… what is it?

From your reaction, I assume the sight of her makes you feel… afraid, angry, or sad?  Help me to understand this one, because if we can, then I think we can finally make some headway on this whole hate subject.  Let’s take a look at these emotions…

AFRAID:  OK, so I get it – she doesn’t have to obey her shirt.  There is a slight chance she chose clothes that lied its intention in an attempt to deceive people in thinking she was not going to blow everyone up in a suicide bombing attack. I understand – there is a history of people who look like her who are committing atrocious acts of violence and it makes people, who are used to lumping entire cultures together as one type of person, very skeptical and frightened, and therefore they want to protect themselves. But I also assume since she was attending a presidential candidate’s rally that she was thoroughly probed before entering the premises. I’m also guessing, should a weapon be found, it would have been confiscated and she would have been hauled off to some bay of torture for a long time. But she didn’t. She was cleared like the rest of you folks, so she has every right to be there in whatever clothes she chooses, just like you.  Believe me, I’ve seen some outfits in my day that should have been voraciously boycotted, but I didn’t say a word, I kept that to myself.

ANGER:  Perhaps you are angry because she does not look like a majority of the people you see everyday.  She’s a woman who dresses in a diverse style from you and is from a different culture. Is this really cause for anger? Do you REALLY want everyone to look just like you?  While you bask in that thought, let me quickly answer that for you… Heil No! Besides the fact that it’d be boring as heck (no matter how cool you are), it is in our diversity that we flourish.  It is in our differences that we challenge each other to broaden our ideas, seek higher learning, and become a greater being.  Why continue to build up that invisible wall around you when you can instead topple those bricks by forgoing the preconceived notions that all people who look a certain way must have a specific personality? How much do YOU like to be stereotyped and discriminated against because of your traits?  If you don’t like it, start with becoming the person who sees no color, no gender, no race, and then next time try looking a little deeper within yourself before you let ingrained ideology consume you. It takes a little awareness but rest assured, you can do it.  If not for yourself, then do it for your children.  Be that example that Trump cannot.

SADNESS:  This is a very interesting emotion because it is at the core of Anger. Anger is the outward emotion that acts to protect oneself; it masks the vulnerability of fear or sadness and instead comes across as frustration and loathing.  I understand people at the Trump rally were scared to see a Muslim woman for fear she may hurt them.  Unfortunately the media has conditioned us to see Muslims as the enemy – as a whole group, and has forgone the unique individuality of each person.  The media is the source of this fear for they love drama, which only adds to the chaos in our world and between us.  If we can instead look at each person solely for who they are in the inside, then we have a chance at truly understanding Gordon S Livingston’s words:  “… there is no substitute for looking below the surface of the stories we are told, identifying the sadness and fear that underlies anger, the insecurity that expresses itself in arrogance, and the sense of meaninglessness behind most unhappiness. If we can apply this understanding to our political battles we might be able to disagree with each other with a little more humility and a little less certainty that only those who believe as we do deserve to be saved. And in this process we might just find more to like and admire in each other – and in ourselves.”  Well said, Gordon.

Ultimately, it is my hope that people can check in within themselves and understand what they are feeling before they project their negative emotions onto a helpless victim.

It all starts with us, with each and every one of us doing our own part to be the best version of our self.

You have the choice on how to think and act… do you really want to be that person who has a hand in someone’s suicide or bullies someone to tears?  You know you’ll regret it later on, so take a pause and take some responsibility… figure out what you need to do to feel better, then make the choice a positive one.



It is the intention of this site is to create more love and less hate, so in order to protect the sanctity of this forum, I ask you to respect my judgment-free zone where everyone can safely share without worry of criticism.  I welcome all productive and positive contributions to this open forum, in any way you wish to accomplish this.



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